Xiaflex for Peyronie’s Disease: Latest Study Results from IMPRESS 3 study

Latest results from IMPRESS (Investigation for Maximal Peyronie’s Reduction Efficacy and Safety Studies) 3 trial were presented at the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) 19th Annual  Scientific Meeting in New Orleans, LA on November 21-24, 2013. According to the company press release:

Baseline patient characteristics:

  • a mean  penile curvature deformity of 53.0 degrees and a mean  symptom bother score of 7.3.


  • Endpoints of change in PCD and PD symptom bother were met with statistical significance compared to baseline.
  • The mean percent change in penile curvature deformity was 34.4 percent and the mean change in PD symptom bother score was 3.3 from baseline.
  • Clinical outcomes did not vary with prior PD treatment, erectile dysfunction scores and prostatectomy history.
  • No significant difference in side effects between men with a curvature greater than or equal to 30 degrees versus lesser than 30 degrees.

I’m very enthusiastic about the upcoming FDA approval of this first non-surgical treatment for Peyronie’s disease that has demonstrated efficacy in randomized controlled trials.