Penile Traction and Penile Remodeling in Peyronie’s disease

penile traction as well as penile remodeling using manual manipulation has been used for treatment of penile curvature in men with Peyronie’s disease.  We reevaluated the evidence using the latest literature published in scientific medical literature.

Use of penile remodeling using penile traction device as well as manual penile remodeling leads to decrease in curvature as well as improvement in pain score.  Additional benefit of penile traction devices is gaine in penile length anywhere from 1-2 cm.

Patient currently available literature multimodal treatment with a combination of manual penile remodeling alongside with penile traction devices is a good treatment option for men with symptomatic Peyronie’s disease.  this may be combined with other complimentary treatments for Peyronie’s disease.

the studies did not report any significant side effect of treatment with penile traction devices all manual remodeling.


Last modified on April 6, 2014