What are the treatment options for Peyronie’s disease?


The treatment options for Peyronie’s disease depend on the stage or disease severity and coexisting problems such as erectile dysfunction or impotence.  Commonly used treatment options include medications (Potaba), creams (verapamil), plaque injections (verapamil, collagenase, interferon), surgical treatments including penile placation, excision of the plaque and grafting and penile implant or penile prosthesis, either malleable or inflatable type.


An experienced urologist would be in the best position to advise you what treatment options are best for you.

What treatment options are the most effective for Peyronie’s Disease?

There are many treatment options that are commonly used for Peyronie’s disease.  Few of them have been rigorously evaluation.  In general, it is agreed that topical varapamil has low if any efficacy; injectable varapamil appears to have somewhat better efficacy but it has not been compared rigorously to placebo.  Potaba appears to affect pain associated with Peyronies but not other symptoms.  None of the other medical treatments appear to affect the plaques to a significant degree.  Surgical treatments including penile plication, plaque excision and grafting and insertion of penile prosthesis or implant are usually more effective but carry with them the risks and complications of surgery.  Surgical treatment is usually reserved for patients with severe disease.

Traction devices

Intralesional Interferon

Xiaflex (Collagenase) injections

Penile Prosthesis

Vacuum Erection Device

Verapamil Injections

Vitamin E

Last modified on January 15, 2014