Copay, Deductibles and Cost of Xiaflex for Peyronie’s disease

The cost of XiaFlex injections for Peyronie’s diseaseis in the range of $3,300 per injection. The total cost for 8 injection treatment course is $26,000. This does not include physician fees for office visits, consultation and Xiaflex administration.   We estimate that these fees may vary anywhere from $1400 to $3600.

Coverage by insurance companies is expected. 

Commercial plans vary in their design but many have significant deductibles and co-payments.  Based on experience with Xiaflex for Dupuytren’s contracture, we expect Auxilium (the manufacturer) to offer coupons that would make Xiaflex out of pocket co-pay cost to patients close to zero.

For patients with high-deductible plans, they may not be able to avoid meeting their full deductible for the year. We recommend starting treatment early in the year for your insurance plan.

Medicare:  Because it is illegal for Auxilium to offer coupons to Medicare patients, we expect up to 20% copay cost for patients with Medicare with could be anywhere from $5480 to $5880 based on our estimates.  Depending on secondary insurance, some may cover part or the entire amount.

Medicaid: Based on historical patterns we expect a modest copay for Medicaid patients.

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Last modified on December 12, 2013